Allegiance Edit

A Line Infantry Regiment of the The Kingdom of Saxony, a client state of the French Empire.

History Edit

  • 1808 – Becomes the von Dyherrn Regiment (Previously the von Bevilaqua Regiment)
  • 1810 – Disbanded during army reorganisation.

Organisation Edit

  • 1808 – 2 battalions made up of 5 companies of 174 men (1 Grenadier Company + 4 Musketeer companies) each and a regimental HQ of 14 personnel.
  • 1809 – Grenadier Company combined with that of the König Regiment to make the 5th Grenadier Battalion (von Einsiedel).

Uniforms (Approx.) Edit

Company 1-4 (Musk) 5 (Gren)
Facings Light Blue

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