1st Berg Line Infantry Regiment1st Chevau-Legers Regiment (Berg)1st Chevau-leger Regiment (Westphalia)
1st Half Invalid Company (Saxony)1st Westphalia Light Battalion1st Westphalia Line Regiment
2nd Berg Line Infantry Regiment2nd Half Invalid Company (Saxony)2nd Westphalia Line Regiment
3rd Berg Line Infantry Regiment3rd Half Invalid Company (Saxony)3rd Westphalia Line Regiment
4th Berg Line Infantry Regiment4th Westphalia Line Regiment5th Westphalia Line Regiment
6th Westphalia Line Regiment7th Westphalia Line Regiment8th Westphalian Line Regiment
Airfix 1744 "Waterloo French Infantry"Artillery Battalion (Grand Duchy of Kleve Berg)Artillery Corps (Westphalia)
Bergisch Chevau-LegersBergisch Line InfantryCompany of Foot Artillery (Berg)
Company of Horse Artillery (Berg)Company of Sappers, Miners and Pontoniers (Berg)Company of Train (Berg)
Cuirassier Regiment (Westphalia)FacingsFrench Infantry Coat 1810
Fusiliers (Napoleonic French)Garrison Infantry (Saxony)Invalid Infantry (Saxony)
König Regiment (Saxony)Prinz Anton Regiment (Saxony)Prinz Clemens Regiment (Saxony)
Prinz Friederich August Regiment (Saxony)Prinz Maximillian Regiment (Saxony)Saxon Garde du Corps
Saxon Line Infantry (Kingdom)Saxon Royal GuardTemplate Page 1
The Grand Duchy of Kleve BergThe Kingdom of SaxonyThe Kingdom of Westphalia
Von Burgsdorff Regiment (Saxony)Von Cerrini Regiment (Saxony)Von Dyherrn Regiment (Saxony)
Von Löw Regiment (Saxony)Von Niesemeuschel Regiment (Saxony)Von Oebschelwitz Regiment (Saxony)
Von Rechten Regiment (Saxony)Von Sanger Regiment (Saxony)Von Steindel Regiment (Saxony)
Wargaming and Modelmaking WikiaWestphalian Light CavalryWestphalian Light Infantry
Westphalian Line InfantryWestphalian Royal GuardWestphalian Royal Guard Grenadier Battalion
Westphalian Royal Guard Jäger Battalion
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