Allegiance Edit

The Infantry arm of the Army of the The Grand Duchy of Kleve Berg, a client state of the French Empire.

 Uniforms (Approx.) Edit

Company 1 (Gren) 1-5 (Fusil) 6 (Volt)
Hat Bearskin Shako (Black)

Hat decorations

Red Shako Cords White Shako Cords Yellow Shako Cords
‘V’ shaped leather reinforcing bands on the sides

Brass shield and crown

Brass chin-scales

Pompoms 1.Red 2.Dark Green 3.Sky Blue 4.Orange 5.Violet 6.Yellow
Coat White Bardin coat

7 buttons on each lapel

Crossbelts White
Legwear White or Black gaiters on parade

White breeches on parade

Grey Trousers on campaign

Shoes Black
Standard Bearer No Standards
Sapper Regimental facing colour emblem left arm


Beard or Moustache

Available setsEdit

  • Airfix 1744 "Waterloo French Infantry" - Paint conversion to Bergisch Fusiliers.
  • Esci 227 "French Line Infantry" - Paint conversion to Bergisch Fusiliers.
  • Airfix 1749 "Waterloo French Imperial Guard" - Paint conversion to Bergisch Grenadiers.

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