Allegiance Edit

A Line Infantry Regiment of the The Kingdom of Westphalia, a client state of the French Empire.

History Edit

  • February 1809 – By this time the regiment is fully established.
  • 1812 – Quickly rebuilt after the Russian Campaign.
  • 1813 – Surrendered after the fall of Dresden.

Organisation Edit

  • 1809 – Around 2280 men in 2 field battalions with 6 companies (1 Grenadier, 4 Fusilier and 1 Votigeur) of 140 men + 1 Depot Battalion of 560 men in 4 companies.

 Uniforms (Approx.) Edit

Company 1 (Gren) 2-5 (Fusil) 6 (Volt)
Lapels Light Blue
Facings Light Blue
Piping White

Available sets Edit

  • Airfix 1744 "Waterloo French Infantry" - Paint conversion to Westphalian Fusiliers.
  • Esci 227 "French Line Infantry" - Paint conversion to Westphalian Fusiliers.
  • Airfix 1749 "Waterloo French Imperial Guard" - Paint conversion to Westphalian Grenadiers.


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