Allegiance Edit

A Light Infantry Regiment of the The Kingdom of Westphalia, a client state of the French Empire.

History Edit

  • October 1813 – Disbanded after the battle of Leipzig.

Organisation Edit

  • 1809 – Around 970 men in 1 field battalions with 6 companies (1 Carabiner, 4 Chasseur and 1 Votigeur) of 140 men + 1 Depot Company of 140 men.

 Uniforms (Approx.) Edit

Company 1 (Cara) 2 (Chas) 3 (Chas) 4 (Chas) 5 (Chas) 6 (Volt)
Coat Blue
Lapels Orange Blue Orange
Facings Orange Green Orange
Crossbelt White Black White
Trim Orange
Hat Cords Red White Yellow
Hat Bearskin Shako (Black)
Pompom Red Yellow

Available sets Edit

 Available sets Edit

  • HaT 8063 "1805 French Light Infantry" - Paint conversion to Westphalian Light Infantry.

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